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about us

We are a pure high school hockey development program located in Valencia, California, committed to fostering the optimal learning environment. Our primary focus is to cultivate excellence in academics, athletics, and citizenship among our student-athletes.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best learning environment possible, ensuring excellence in academics, athletics, and citizenship.

Our Philosophy

VP Academy is dedicated to achieving a harmonious blend of academic excellence and hockey prowess. Our student-athletes undergo comprehensive training and gain invaluable experience in hockey, instilling lifelong values of discipline, dedication, and teamwork. Set within a supportive and stimulating prep-school environment, VP Academy creates an ideal space for student-athletes to flourish academically, excel in hockey, and thrive in all aspects of life

Our Values


To maintain our standing and be a positive member of USA Hockey and the California Amateur Hockey Association. To be a positive contributor to the City of Valencia and surrounding area.


We will maintain the well-being of our student-athletes and staff by focusing on them at the core of every decision. We will also keep at the forefront an understanding and appreciation of respect for each individual member’s contribution to the environment of the organization.


To build a sense of pride within the educational community, athletic community, and internal organization by maintaining success in academics and athletics.


To positively impact and maintain a strong foundation of the mental, physical, emotional, and moral qualities of each student-athlete within our organization.

VHA will combine education and hockey development in a way that monitors the student athlete’s success in school, as well as on the ice. It will allow student athletes to have a structured day that will incorporate all their educational and athletic commitments during typical business day hours. VHA students will have free time in the evenings to do homework, recover, have family time, and connect with their friends.

VHA will focus on preparing its student athletes for the crucial step that comes after high school and minor hockey. Not just on the ice or in the classroom, but how to appear in interviews, how to be good community participants and how to optimally present themselves to next level hockey teams, such as universities or colleges.