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Why consider a Prep Hockey Program?

Typically, prep programs offer quality education and competitive hockey, enabling student-athletes to experience a balanced curriculum. They also accommodate academic schedules with athletic responsibilities and help prepare youngsters for the next level.

  • Players gain exposure from major junior and college programs.
  • Prep schools offer an organized environment structured to fit the student-athletes’ schedules.
  • Prep school hockey teams often enjoy proximity to the home rink, allowing players to practice about four-five times a week.
  • A typical day for hockey players at prep school includes classes, on-ice practice, and off-ice conditioning, allowing evening to finish their homework.
  • Prep schools give teenage prospects a chance to play high-level hockey, but also provide an opportunity for teenagers to be high school students.
  • More balanced social life


Is Prep School hockey worth it?

Prep school tuition and fees, which include academic, athletic, and hockey expenses, can range from $30,000 to $60,000 (with boarding) per year.

Here are two things to consider:

  • Most student-athletes who attend prep schools could graduate with a higher-level education.
  • Universities in the U.S. and Canada look favorably at applicants who graduated from prep schools and participated in extracurricular activities, like hockey.